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Benefits of a High Protein Diet

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Howdy meat lovers! Have you gotten a chance to try our delicious beef jerky sticks? If you want a delicious treat, you'll freak when you eat this meat! It is an undeniable explosion of "happy"; no not the feeling, the taste. But it is not just the taste that makes our Sand Hill Slims great! They are packed full of protein fuel to conquer the day. And for those of you who were curious, here are some of the benefits of a high protein diet:

Increase Muscle Mass

Not just your muscles, but your tendons and ligaments also require protein to maintain function and avoid atrophy. You know what happens when you don't have any protein fuel? Your body eats your muscles! Stay swoll, and grab a Sand Hill Slim!

Feel Full

Dieting is hard. Meat is delicious. What if meat could help you diet? Well, plenty of meat proponents and detractors (who also happen to be scientists) have done studies on animal proteins, and they can't agree on a dang thing! One thing is for sure though, you feel more full when you eat meat protein over most other types of food. Will that help you diet? Maybe, full people tend not to eat. But either way, at least you'll have a full belly!

Requires Less Insulin

Bodies, man, what pieces of work. Get one little thing off and they go crazy on you. One of those things is insulin, which you need to break down sugar. But the sugar in fats and proteins require much less insulin than their carbohydrate cousins to break down. Give your body a break, choose meat!

Get a Mood Boost

Do we even need to science it for you? Who doesn't feel better after gorging on a delicious beef jerky stick? We do, but some people do require loooogiiic and reaaaasson and aaaaccctuaaaal stuuuuuddies. Well, here is one for you. Eat meat, feel good. It's that simple, sometimes.

Increase Brain Function

Hrmmm, lots of big words...and we haven't had our Sand Hill Slims today. One second. *MUNCH* Ah, yes, synaptic plasticity necessitates a role of protein synthesis to establish memory consolidation for learning in the hippocampus.

Keep your Heart Healthy

What happens when your heart doesn't have the heart to go on? Well, actually, let's not find out. Instead, if we eat a high protein diet, we just may be able to better control our blood pressure, and give the old ticker a break. It is the Mediterranean diet (fruits, vegetables, sea food, omega-3 rich animal fat) that is best for heart health, and if you've ever had the pleasure of eating Mediterranean food, you know they are no stranger to beef. It can't be all you eat, by any means, but there is plenty of room for Slims.

Did these benefits convince you to try out our delicious Sand Hill Slims? Or do you just love beef jerky? Either way, these delectable treats are available for order online today! Don't miss your chance to stock up! If you have any questions about our product or delivery, please don't hesitate to give us a call. A Sand Hill Sargent will be happy to provide you with any answers that you may require.