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Benefits of Protein

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Our grass fed, beef jerky Sand Hill Slims are packed with delicious, delicious (yes, we needed to say it twice) protein! As the cavemen often (probably) said “Protein guuud, no protein baaad”. We all know that we need a daily dose of protein, but do we all what the actual benefits are? We did some more “sciencin” to find out. Here’s why getting your daily protein is good for you:

Get Swole

Swole people have big muscles, and big muscles can lift things, fight, and give great back rubs (probably other things too). It’s a dog eat dog world, where only the swole (and six or seven billion other people) survive. Don’t get eaten by dogs, eat protein to build muscle; dogs hate muscles.

Banish Bad Bones

Sometimes when people say bad, they mean good. Like “That is one bad dude!”. But bad (bad) bones are not good. And even the baddest (good) old peeps get bad (bad) bones from things like osteoporosis or lack of proper nutrition. Luckily, regular protein intake helps build bad (good) bones.


Superheroes are awesome! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a healing power like some of them? Well, with protein, you can’t! But, it is a necessary nutrient for healing after a traumatic injury. You may not be able to fight crime, but frankly that seems like a lot of work anyways. Plop that injury where it can heal and grab some Sand Hill Slims.

Age Well

Mortality is, for lack of a better word, lame. Not only do we all die (eesh, dark,), but our bodies start breaking down, saying “Ugggh, I’m tired, I give up.” Luckily, you may be able to stave off sarcopenia (muscle shrinking due to age) by increasing your daily protein consumption (although the best way is regular exercise and strength training).

Lose Weight

Metabolisms are like aortas, we all have them. But the food we eat (and how much), greatly affects how our metabolism works. So, how does protein affect the way we digest food? Eating a protein heavy diet can boost your metabolism, reducing those pesky cravings that get in the way of your dieting goals.

We think our Sand Hill Slims are the best beef jerky around. We encourage you to try them out, and see for yourself. They are available for order online, and are shipped right to your door. We’re no scientists, but the fact that they contain protein MAY mean you can get some of your daily dose from these delicious meat snacks. If you have any questions about our product or delivery, feel free to reach out to us here. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.